My friend, Ines, is a teacher at the German International School in Tangerang, Indonesia (near Jakarta). We had been speaking of my wife, Lupe, doing an online cooking class for her students. Lupe is the Executive Sous Chef at the Shaw Conference Centre in Edmonton, Canada. But, when we realized we would be so close in Singapore in August, we included in our plans a visit to her school to do a live class.

With the support of teachers Ines and Eka, 18 grade 6 students, ages 11 and 12, participated. Lupe first asked for a few volunteers to help, and all quickly responded to the first task of washing their hands. Over a 2½ hour period, students prepared, cooked, cleaned up, and ate what they made. They diced onions, washed tomatoes, sought needed ingredients from the cafeteria, peeled garlic, grated cheese, and pureed the tomato with some ingredients. They dipped tortillas in the puree and pan fried them. Cheese and onion was placed in the tortillas, which were then rolled. The result, enjitomatadas, like an enchilada but without the chile. This is a dish from Lupe’s native Mexico.

At the end there was time to talk about the role of a chef in a large convention facility, and Lupe shared some photographs of her kitchen.

Here are some photos. I was especially struck by the photo of two students sitting down to chat with Lupe about the ratio of ingredients, so they could make it for families.

I offer my congratulations to the students and their teachers for their enthusiasm and extensive participation during the class. Lupe also enjoyed herself and this opportunity. She found that the students were interested in learning about food and continuing to learn more. Students asked a lot of questions.

And thanks to one of the members of the board of school who treated us to a traditional Indonesian lunch.

PHOTOS, in case you missed the link above.


  1. Amber

    This is fabulous Tony! Lupe is such an amazing woman, it’s exciting to see her passion being passed on to these children. We see her everyday and it never ceases to amaze me that her passion is just as strong as the first time I peeked around a corner to witness it!

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