In August and September 2012, I conducted a pilot (exploratory) study for my research toward a PhD in Education Research (eLearning and Learning Technologies) through the Institute of Learning Innovation, at the University of Leicester. I am pleased that 67 responses to the questionnaire (from 17 countries) included 35 professionals offering to participate in an online interview. I interviewed 11 at the time, and I now seek participation for my main study from others within this 35 and from people who may not have participated at all.

I welcome security management professionals from around the globe who use online communities for work-related learning and professional development. They may be in advisory, management, consultant, or similar roles, with responsibilities for corporate security and risk management. This includes those conducting investigations within organizations. The study may also include human resources staff and hiring managers.

My exploratory study research was presented at the Personal Learning Environments Conference in Berlin, in July 2013. A paper should be online soon from the conference proceedings, and I will provide the link once it is available. The exploratory study focussed the direction for the main study.

For the main study, each interview will be approximately 30 to 60 minutes in length. I encourage Skype to Skype (video or just audio), or I will call by Skype to telephone. They will be recorded for transcription. I would like to speak to those who just read messages, those who contribute a little or a lot, and those who do more such as managing discussion groups, writing blogs, or engaging in other ways I may not have even identified. In addition to interviewing one person at a time, I hope to do some dyadic (2-person) interviews.

My supervisors are Dr. Palitha Edirisingha and Professor Gráinne Conole.

Please reply privately if you are volunteering. I will send you the Information Sheet and Informed Consent. I also welcome any questions.


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    Small world! I’m doing fine, believe it or not I’m actually in the process of completing my 2nd year now at GMU. After all these years; I am also getting myself ready to write my CPP.

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