As you are likely aware, I am enrolled in doctoral research studies at the University of Leicester (UK). Our department is about to launch a new graduate degree, the Master of Science in Learning Innovation. It commences in February 2014, and formal registration and payment is not required before the end of January, But, it is important that applications be made right away. If you are interested, please contact my supervisor, Dr. Palitha Edirisingha, the admissions tutor. Contact information is shown on the website. You may also chat with me. The programme is led by Professor Gráinne Conole.

If you have been considering a master’s degree of an educational/technology nature, this one is certainly worth careful consideration. the fees appear quite reasonable, and payments may be made in 6 instalments over 2 years. An iPad mini is being provided to the first 12 full-fee paying participants.

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