So much for frequent posts! The conference is now over, and I have not blogged throughout. I did contribute a little on Facebook. It was a fast-paced three days, from July 10-12, 2013. Many participants have returned home, and others leave today. I suspect that a number will be in the breakfast room at our hotel within the next hour or two.

We started with concurrent two-hour workshops the first afternoon. In the one I attended, the presenters sought input on an open educational resources project that they are developing. In our small group, we were assigned roles relating to students, faculty, and administration to provide our comments and questions for their further consideration.

The PLE Conference strives to be different than other conferences. They want to avoid the typical presentations and, time allowing, questions. In my presentation slot, we had 1.5 hours for 4 papers. Each of us made short 7 minute presentations. Presenters then led 4 group discussion for 10 minutes each as the attendees rotated from group to group. Okay, I am just realising that the math does not add up, but it worked!


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