I’m currently in a writing workshop though my university, the Institute of Learning Innovation at the University of Leicester. Today, I am attending virtually through Adobe Connect. Our presenter is Frances Bell of Research in Learning Technology, The Journal of the Association for Learning Technology (ALT). We are receiving guidance on writing journal articles for publication, and more. Link to Slideshare presentation.

Our current assignment is to consider our publication strategy. So, responding to this, I offer the following for sharing and future reference:


  • Complete an 8,000 word paper (due June 30) for the PLE Conference and associated website, and publication in eLearning Papers that will publish the best papers.
  • Prepare shorter articles for professional journals. Prepare longer papers over the next two years of the PhD.
  • Revisit discussion groups to share my writing with those who participated in the study and others.


  • The preliminary findings did not demonstrate what I hoped to find. The continuing research will be revised.


  • I hope to spend close to full-time hours on the PhD, but this must be balanced with paid work activities.

Plan of what I will publish in:

1 Month

  • PLE Conference paper

1 Year

  • Two shorter professional journal papers.
  • Methods paper for the Advances in Qualitative Methods Conference and journal, 2014
  • Early results paper from main study for PLE Conference and journal, 2014

5 Years

  • Journal and professional journal publications.

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