Day 2 of my 9-day stretch has ended. This was the opening of the main Thinking Qualitatively Workshop Series from the Institute for Qualitative Methodology at the University of Alberta.

Dr Sally Thorne was the keynote. As the primary developer of the Interpretive Description methodology, she focused on discussing what small sample studies can and cannot do in qualitative research.

The morning session that I attended was given by Dr Lisa Given. Her workshop was about using literature reviews in our writing, “Building a persuasive argument: Using the literature to your advantage.” She explained it is all about the power of the writing and the story.

The afternoon session I chose was again with Dr Sally Thorne, “Introduction to Interpretive Description.” I had a particular interest, as Interpretive Description seems like a fit for my main research study. Having read a couple of her articles and her book, I was hoping for confirmation of its suitability. However, as she emphasized to all, her call is just an invitation to consider how Interpretative Description might assist our research. It will be back to the book for me, to document how various factors are applicable to my research. Since I have been focusing on a report from my pilot study, I will soon return to the main study.

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