I just realized, I have not posted about my upcoming trip. The 4th annual Personal Learning Environments Conference takes place in Berlin in July. Each year is a different location, and this is the second year when there is a second location in Australia. The European circuit has seen Barcelona (Spain), Southampton (UK), and Aveiro (Portugal). This is my first PLE Conference (other than online), and it will be at Beuth University in Berlin, Germany.

My research fits in this field, and this is the first year that I have something definite to say. The pilot study for my research addressed the personal learning environments of security management and investigation professionals, and I submitted to present a paper on this study. An extension of the submission deadline has meant a delay in hearing if the paper was accepted, but that will be next week rather than today. Regardless of acceptance, it was the experience of my first submission, and I am excited about attending.

My specific interest is in how professionals are using personal learning environments for work-based learning and professional development. My preparation? First, if accepted, I must prepare my paper in full. Second, either way, I am attempting to learn a little German at Virtlantis in Second Life.

Following Berlin, I will spend time in Venice, Barcelona, and Madrid. Of course, I will anxiously await word of which exciting location will host PLE Conference 2014.


  1. Sue Davison

    The fiance of one of our small group members is involved in creating IT stuff for a conference in Berlin this summer and will be over there with his new wife. I bet this is the same one. What a coincidence!
    Sue D

  2. Hi Sue. I am not sure that it would be the same one, but please let me know if is the same! Even if it is not, perhaps email me the dates they will be there and the location!

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