It has been two years since I moved from Windows to Mac. In March 2011, I purchased a MacBook Pro. Changing platforms can entail changing software versions. This might be an additional expense that was not considered. But, some programs will allow you to exchange one version licence for another. I did it with EndNote, so I was able to purchase an upgrade and not have to pay for a new version. I’ve just done it with another!

I was a WinZip (a zip utility) user quite a number of years ago, but it has been some years since I even used it. I still receive upgrade offers. With the last one, I decided to try it again. I soon realised, it was a Windows version. My first thought was to exercise my right to their 30-day guarantee and receive a refund. In my email to them, I also suggested a direct exchange to the Mac version tat I learned they have.

Customer Service was quick to respond with download instructions for the Mac version and to offer me the option to exchange the registration. This was good for me and good for them. It is unlikely I would have made a full purchase, especially since I had not been using it. But, for the upgrade price, it was worth purchasing and using some of its features. I remain a customer.

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