I am just about ready to start my pilot study in my PhD research, and now is the time to select an online survey tool. There will be a variety of question types including short answers. While the study is primarily qualitative, some questions/answers will be quantitative. The survey will be conducted in August, but I will return to it for the main study within one year. It does not have to be free, but free or low cost is preferred. For example, a tool at $50 or more per month is too much, while $10 monthly is more appealing.

Your suggestions would be appreciated, along with a little rationale for the recommendation. Thanks.


  1. Hi Tony,
    I am going to use an online survey tool for my doctoral research. I also need to merge quantitative and mainly qualtative questions (about 30 Qs). Moreover I need to create a doble version in English and italian and deliver the survey to four different universities, drawing four different databases.
    I tried Google Docs, but it’s tool limited, good for quick online surveys I think. Then I tested the free version of SurveyMonkey (only 10 Qs). Finally I opted for the Plus version (225 euros per year): I am fairly satisfied with its functionalities and the Help service is very efficient. So far it has been a good choice, but my delivery phase will be in September!
    Hope this helps. Best wishes for your survey and doctoral work as a whole.

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