Last year, you may have read my post about attending Thinking Qualitatively 2011. This year, I returned for my second year and their twelfth offering, June 18 to 22. They are the International Institute for Qualitative Methodology, presenting the Thinking Qualitatively Workshop Series at the University of Alberta (Edmonton, Canada).

My doctoral programme is research only, relying on knowledge gained from earlier studies and from continuing development while working with our research. While I am very much into independent, self-study, including the use of resources provided by my institution, I like to take advantage of other opportunities for professional development in a setting such as this. For five days, two consisted of full-day workshops, while the others offered morning and afternoon selections. I attended the following:

  • Introduction to Narrative Inquiry, with Dr Jean Clandinin, Dr Pam Steeves, and Dr Vera Caine (half-day).
  • Introduction to Qualitative Methods, with Dr Maria Mayan (half-day).
  • Introduction to Participatory Action Research, with Dr Tara-Keigh McHugh (full-day).
  • Mixed Methods: From Design to Dissemination, with Dr Cheryl Poth (half-day).
  • NVivo Software Training (Introductory), with Dr Guenther Kreuger (full-day).
  • Framing Your Research: Using the Literature to Put Your Work in Context, with Jorden Smith (half-day).
  • The Transition from PhD to Independent Researcher: Developing a Qualitative Research Program, a panel discussion with Dr Nick Holt, Dr Michael van Manen, Dr Maria Mayan, and Dr Alexandra Choby (half-day).

While last year everything was still very new, this year allowed me to come away with a much better understanding of a few methodologies. It was for this reason that I attended the Introduction to Qualitative Methods session for the second year.

I look forward to Thinking Qualitatively 2013, and the Advances in Qualitative Methods conference, also 2013.

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