Something we have to do as PhD students is write. This should be reflected in tangible output that may include blog postings, papers, presentations, assignments, or other evidence. While I have a lot written in Scrivener, I have not successfully produced pieces specifically relating to my research for others to see. Yes, I have been working on my literature review, but it should be much further along.

There is something to be said for what I read recently. Presentation deadlines can be one way to force the writing. Well, with an upcoming symposium at which I will present, a 500 to 750 word summary is required. It has been tough getting it done, as it had me revisiting the literature review and constantly making revisions. I thought it was never going to be complete, and it is standing in the way of me getting the literature review to a point at which I can submit a draft. However, it is now ready! I’m going to get a bit of input before sending it to the symposium coordinator in a few hours, but relief has already set in. Now, with the rest of the available hours today, I will keep writing the more demanding lit review chapter.

Advice? Yes, write often and write for others to read. It should make it much easier to write the thesis in the long-run.


  1. Paula

    Don’t forget to share your summary and the symposium highlights with us.
    I’m looking forward to see something about your topic at the RIDES-12

    Good luck for your writing!


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