This post will have most significance for alumni colleagues from the Centre of Distance Education at Athabasca University. Many will recall the yearly conference held for students and alumni, held in Banff, Toronto, Vancouver, and Edmonton (most often in Banff and Edmonton). They were first known as a Distance Education and Technology Workshop, and later as a Distance Education Technology Symposium. The first was 1998, and the last was 2008, but there is a rebirth as RIDES-12 this year!

Now the Research in Distance Education Symposium, the theme will be Teaching and Learning in a Wired World. In the past, we had the pleasure of associating with other students and alumni from across the country. I look forward to meeting many new people this year, June 7 to 9, 2012.

From my records, I attended 1998 (Banff), 1999 (Edmonton), 2002 (Banff), 2004 (Banff), 2005 (Edmonton), 2006 (Edmonton), and 2008 (Edmonton).

Will you be attending RIDES-12? Coincidentally, as I was about to publish this, an alumnus just asked me when we will have an alumni reunion in Banff. Well, this is not Banff, this year, but it is a good opportunity to get together.


  1. Sonja Chamberlain

    Hi Tony,
    The dates for the conference may not work for me due to other commitments. But I will look for the details of this conference in the event that things may change on my end. Great to be in touch again!

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