On July 1, 2011, Athabasca University‘s Master of Distance Education (MDE) was officially changed to Master of Education (MEd) in Distance Education. The initial indication was that those with the MDE would continue to hold it. In other words, there was no provision for alumni to convert.

There were reasons that the Centre for Distance Education (CDE) at Athabasca University requested the name change. While I, as an alumnus, am proud of the MDE, we would now be faced with less recognition of it, particularly since it would no longer be awarded. ‘MDE’ on a business card needs explanation, while MEd is more readily recognised. Then we can explain our specialty area of distance education!

It has been known for some time now that a further request was made by the CDE to allow MDE alumni to convert to Master of Education in Distance Education if they wished to do so. Well, this morning I was pleased to note an update on a feed from the CDE website. The process to submit for the conversion has been announced. There is a relatively short period of time to apply, with July 31, 2012, as the deadline.

It is an individual choice, but my application goes in today. Click here for the AU information.

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