I asked a question on Twitter at 1:57 a.m. No answer so far, but at 2:54 a.m. I can report I have determined the process and completed a transfer of the mp3 to my iPhone 4S. While not fully participating, due to other study and research activities, I want to at least listen to the weekly podcast sessions from the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), “Welcome to Change: Education, Learning, and Technology!” It is tagged as #change11 on Twitter. This past Sunday, I listened to Tony Bates and his presentation, “Managing Technology to Transform Teaching.” The recorded audio is here. I will listen to it again, along with others.

I’m using a MacBook Pro with the Lion OS. I was connecting to a webpage to hear the podcast, and I clearly had the URL showing the mp3 file. However, I was not sure how to download the file and listen to it offline. My thought of opening it in Audacity proved wrong (unless I’ve missed something). Some web searching indicated that I might need Quick Time Pro to do this, but that was not necessary! I opened Quick Time player. I then clicked on File/Open location and entered the URL for the file. Then clicking Open, the file is playing. From the Quick Time player menu, I chose File/Export to save it to my desktop. I then dragged it into iTunes and synched to the iPhone.

There are likely other ways to do this. Please share, so others can learn!

Edited: Okay, I should have known this was not so difficult. From the page listing all of the recordings, just right click on the link there and then on ‘Download Linked File As…’ I was looking for this in the first place, but my mistake was trying to do it from the link contained in an email message.

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