I want to give a last minute push of information for this workshop, so I’ve made it a blog post. Hope you can join. It refers to 10:30 a.m. GMT, but I believe it is actually 10:30 British Summer Time as noted elsewhere. That will be 3:30 a.m. for me in Edmonton, Canada. See you there!

Title of the workshop:
Collaborative Strategic Foresight:
ELKS Training Workshop in collaboration with the Creating Academic Learning Futures Project

Date and time:
29 June 2011 from 10:30 am GMT – 12:30 GMT

Introduction to the workshop:
Collaborative innovation requires organisations to capture and merge the visions of the future of key individuals and groups. Anticipating, exploring and creating alternative futures cannot emerge from ‘one right answer’. For meaningful contributions to strategy it is necessary to consider multiple views of the present and the past occurring in multiple systems. This workshop will introduce participants to the use of collaborative techniques for strategic foresight in education, developed by the Creating Academic Learning Futures Project.

Workshop Outline:
This 2-hours workshop will introduce a model for creating and exploring ideas about the future and translating them into action plans and strategies. The model’s focus is on creativity and student engagement. The workshop will begin with a presentation of the model and its techniques, followed by exercises for hands-on experience of strategic foresight.

Who should attend:
This hands-on workshop is relevant to educators, students, managers, policy-makers and education and training professionals, whose work requires collaborative decision-making for the future through understanding and generating shared agendas. It will be valuable for individuals who need to develop new skills for analysing, presenting and negotiating future visions in education and training settings, public policy or project management.

What you’ll learn:
Participants will learn how to use creative strategic foresight for collaborative building of ideas for the future; accurately capturing feasibility requirements; maintaining the richness of data by managing its complexity.

How can this new knowledge be applied:
Participants will be able to use the practical skills from this course for strategy development, increasing student engagement and employability skills, building a corporate or institutional memory, encouraging group creativity, resolving conflicts and effectively presenting reasoning about the future.

Presented by:
Dr. Sandra Romenska, Beyond Distance Research Alliance, University of Leicester, UK.

About Sandra
Dr Sandra Romenska is a Research Associate with the Creating Academic Learning Futures (CALF) research project at the University of Leicester. Her research interests are in the areas of futures studies, innovation and institutions, entrepreneurship, students participation, learning and teaching technologies, international and comparative education. She has an MA from the University of Warwick in Educational Research and a PhD from the University of Oxford.

Joining instructions:
Please click on this URL to enter the seminar room: https://connect.le.ac.uk/elksseminar14/

Palitha Edirisingha and Simon Kear, Beyond Distance Research Alliance, University of Leicester, UK.

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