As I look at recent posts, I note two things. They have not been as frequent as I would like, and there have been a lot of ‘firsts’! Well, here is another.

I was surprised to receive a request to complete a progress report for my PhD programme so early. I’ve been underway just over two months. They will be required every six months, and the Centre for Labour Market Studies, under which our department falls, requests completion by all students regardless of the stage reached. It was not a difficult task, and I was able to provide evidence that I have in fact made progress.

We have heard stories of students being forgotten about in doctoral studies. There is no doubt, success is up to us as individuals, particularly since there are no formal courses to take. However, it is nice to see that the university is serious about their oversight to ensure students are on track. I am also fortunate to have supervisors offering bi-weekly tutorials, so I remain visible and accountable. One task that I readily agreed to was the submission of a short writing each fortnight based upon readings I have completed. This provides the nudge reminding me to read and to write continually during the process.

So, the first progress report is complete, and I continue with my literature search and review.

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