During the past week, I have contemplated the pillars, or foundation, for my literature review, as I indicated in my last post. While I was working with three, a fourth has become apparent. Once these are a little more set, I will share the direction. Today, I expect to map journals and a few books to the different areas and set up a regular reading process.

If you are expecting to see my post on the BDRA blog today, I misread a little. It is actually February 16 when my first will appear. Instead, Brenda Padilla has writen on, “Technolove, kind of,” fitting for Valentine’s Day.

My book list is growing, and I will try to borrow from libraries or access full text books online wherever possible. So far, the ones that interest me aren’t readily available and will have to be purchased. The first I ordered arrived a few days ago. How to Get a PhD: A handbook for students and supervisors, by Estelle M. Phillips and Derek S. Pugh, is a wonderful overview of the British system, in particular, and the process toward achieving a doctorate. Make sure you order the 5th edition, as the first one I saw was actually the 4th.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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