My first meeting with supervisors, since commencing the PhD programme, was obviously a highlight. While I had been asked to prepare a draft research plan, I looked forward to discussion about how we would proceed. Drs Armellini and Edirisingha and I met by Skype for an hour. The plan gave them a starting point to see what I had considered, and they developed questions to discuss with me at that and later meetings. We’ve agreed to meet bi-weekly.

The next step is to determine the ‘pillars’ or ‘foundation’ for my literature review. I am using a mindmap to organise my ideas and allow for easy presentation. Since CmapTools was introduced in a recent course in which I participated, I quickly adopted it. While I have little experience with such concept maps, it is already appearing very useful. My initial presentation will be ready by the end of this week for my supervisors to review in advance of our next meeting.

I was also introduced to the researcher training modules that I am provided with to guide my development. As of this morning, I have read through the first module. There were many additional papers suggested for reading, to which I will return. Since I have been asked what these modules entail, here is the module and unit breakdown. The actual contents are accessible to students of the University of Leicester.

Another request made of me by one of the staff within the Beyond Distance Research Alliance (BDRA), to which I am attached, is to contribute to their blog. My first post will be February 14, 2011, but there are many others from the members of the BDRA, including research students, that you may enjoy following.

I look forward to sharing about my research area in the future, as I will welcome input and discussion.


  1. Peter Eggison

    Hi Tony, well done. It took some time to get used to concept mapping but this approach is very helpful to me. Good luck.

  2. Nice job, Tony. Great that you have started this, and with such enthusiasm. Track your journey well; who knows how you or others may benefit from it.

    Glad to have you along the path!!

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