This has been a busy week, but I have now completed the readings from the Learning and Knowledge Analytics course (LAK11). I’ve listen to the recordings, except the end of week wrap-up which I haven’t found as of yet. As much as I like to actually join the live sessions, it was not possible this week.

Learning Analytics is something I know little about. In fact, since my research interest appears to be informal work-based learning and getting away from measurement, it may be an area in which I will spend little time. However, I have learned a lot, and my interest has been sparked. I’m sure I need to understand more, as I will continually face those who want to see the ROI and other measurements in work-based learning. New ideas are bound to come to my mind, and I’m not against showing quantitative data.

I found the articles enlightening, and the discussion forum is a definite source of ideas. It is good to see that there is discussion relating to corporate training, not just higher education institutions. I have to confess to lurking this week, and it might continue this way unless I do find I have something to contribute, but this is truly working for me at this point. I hope that does change, as it is the participation that makes a course. However, I believe it is recognized that many taking such courses do not actively ‘speak’ but still learn. That is how I find this week has been for me.

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