Having recently written about the upcoming Learning and Knowledge Analytics (LAK11) course, I completely forgot about a second one, Connectivism and Connected Knowledge, CCK11. The former will last six weeks, while the latter is twelve weeks in length. Stephen Downes and George Siemens are the facilitators for CCK11, and George is one of the facilitators for LAK11. Introductions are already underway in LAK11 in advance of the January 10, 2011, start, and CCK11 will commence January 17.

I’m registered for both courses. My plan is to try to participate fully in both. Once they are underway, I will have a better opportunity to assess my involvement levels. The unknown is the amount of work to anticipate as part of my doctoral program, subject to my acceptance. I sent the application by courier today.

By the way, if you are really interested in MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), there is one on Digitial Storytelling, ds106, that a couple of colleagues from the PLENK2010 MOOC that are already registered. You can follow discusssion from each of the courses on Twitter.


  1. Mary

    Thanks for sharing this information! I have participated in the MOOCs– CCK08, CCK09, CritLit2010, PLENK 2010, and am enrolled in LAK11. Great opportunity to learn how to learn in networks. Great opportunity to acquire and use the new technologies for research and knowledge, interdisciplinary collaboration, and so on. May take ds106, if I have time. Sounds great!

  2. Hi! I’m Thomas from Chile and I second the first responder. Thanks for sharing the info! This is my first MOOC, and I’m looking forward to the learning. Good luck on your educational goals / doctoral application!


  3. Nice to meet you! I’ve been accepted to the PhD in E-learning and Learning Technologies at the University of Leicester, through the Beyond Distance Research Alliance. Thanks for asking. I realize my recent post said I had just applied, but all is now approved.

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