My recent blog posts have covered the first part of my trip, stopping in the UK on the way to Italy. More to follow will address the main purpose for the trip, attending Terra Madre and Salone del Gusto, and our final stop in Rome to visit the Vatican City. To this point, I was travelling alone. My wife met up with me in Turin the day after my arrival.

The International Police Association (IPA) was formed as a “channel for friendship and international co-operation amongst police officers,” currently serving and no longer active. As members travel around the world, various forms of hosting may be extended to welcome visitors to the community. As a member, I made contact with the coordinator in Italy and received a telephone call from Domenico Greco, an executive member of Turin’s Delegazione Regionale del Piemonte. Domenic graciously offered to meet me at the airport and drive me to my hotel, as he did.

The first evening, Domenic returned to the hotel to pick me up for my first dinner in Italy, which we enjoyed along with Maurizio Zanoni, president of the local region. I quickly learned about the various courses that are part of a meal, and I later learned that late evening dinners are common. In fact, one night heading out in Rome, we were informed that restaurants do not open for dinner until 7:30.

The second night, Domenic and I again enjoyed dinner together. This time I ordered from the menu and was able to limit the number of courses consumed 🙂

On the morning that followed, I was treated to a day of touring Turin. Domenic picked me up and, after an expresso near the Turin Municipal Police HQ, he left me with another member, Mario Battaglia (who served as translator), along with Maurizio and senior members of the police department.



I was honoured to tour the technology investigations area at headquarters. For obvious reasons, details will be left out and photos were not taken. We later visited Maurizio’s station, had lunch, and enjoyed a fast paced tour of the Egyptian Museum of Turin, led by Maurizio. The next to last stop was the headquarter’s communication unit and home of the civil defense, at another location, and we ended at the penetentiary where Domenic is a police officer for a refreshment.

Domenic was ready to take me for more touring the following day, but it was time for me to spend time at the conference my wife was attending. It was a pleasure to be hosted by the IPA members, and I know they would all be most welcome should they ever visit Edmonton.


The complete photoset is here.