This may prove to have beeen one of the most challenging weeks of the course with a focus on theory during week 4 of PLENK2010, which is just ending. Some of it is a well needed refresher, while a lot is new to me. I’m enjoying one of the readings in particular, Review of e-learning theories, frameworks, and models from Terry Mayes and Sara de Freitas, as it provides a reasonably concise overview. (At the point of posting, this link is not working. It was, and I hope it recovers soon.) I say “enjoying,” as I plan to reread at least one more time right away. Becoming conversant with some of the theories is important to me right now, so I am putting extra effort into understanding. I’m awed by the level of academic discourse taking place, and I look forward to become a little more able to do so by virtue of participating in this course.