I was talking to my wife this morning about Personal Learning Environments (PLEs) for professional development, and I mentioned the idea of setting something up for her. Well, of course, those who suggest something get volunteered. With limited time time at her desk and computer, what could provide exposure to a network of resources and make effective use of her time? My challenge is to create a plan to guide her in her role as an Executive Sous Chef in a large and busy kitchen.

I’m familiar with many of the generic tools that can fit into a PLE, but I will seek specific resources that will be of interest to her and, perhaps, her staff. The first step is to crowd source the question. For those familiar with the field, what would you add to a PLE for a chef?


  1. my reaction too – an interesting puzzle too. I’m having an ESL self paced study group build simple PLE’s as a combination study resource/plan. This sounds way more interesting.

    OK onto your query. Ask her what kind of information she needs to have at hand.

    Recipe databases, suppliers (including equipment), related services (equipment repair, knife sharpeners), directories of other restaurants, menus, images, bibliographies.

    Full text of Brillat-Savarin, http://ebooks.adelaide.edu.au/b/brillat/savarin/b85p/, The physiology of taste or Transcendental gastronomy.

    Chef groups? Foodista blogs? Poke around and see what comes up.

  2. Thanks, Roy. It may be a more enlightening experience thinking of someone else’s needs other than my own.

    Great list to start with, Vanessa. I will throw in a couple that I’ve been thinking of including. First, a translator such as Google Translate. English is not her first language, and she also encounters words and terms in other languages. You mentioned images. This may be the time to start a Flickr (or other) account for her. We can start it for our upcoming trip to Italy where she is attending the Terra Madre conference and Salone del Gusto food show. A photo blog idea might be most fitting for her.

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