This is week 2 of the MOOC (massive open online course), Personal Learning Environments, Networks and Knowledge. The theme is, Contrasting personal learning with institutional learning. One of the readings is a transcript of a panel discussion, Open complementing closed – PLE and LMS – why, what for and how? A point is made that not all learners will be ready and able to participate in the self-direction of a personal learning environment (PLE). They may lack the skills, may want to be lead, or may be learners that learn by “seeing and doing,” such as the latter referring to vocational studies.

The same concerns arise regarding workplace learning and professional development. I suspect there are only segments whom would respond well to PLEs, while others want or need to be taught directly. However, there are occupations and individuals for which a PLE might be quite suitable. It is in these area that I hope to identify existing research or articulate questions for future study.

I will be revisiting Hersey and Blanchard’s Situational Leadership Model, as it addressed readiness and willingness to perform and may have applicability. I note there is a new program, Situational Leadership®II that obviously needs to be referenced.

Having just completed an educational program for a designation, I will later write about the experience and make PLE related recommendations for others taking such programs.

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