This is my first stab at my understanding of what PLE means! It will develop over the duration of the course (Personal Learning Environments, Networks and Knowledge), I assume!

A Personal Learning Environment (PLE) is a concept that encompasses my approach to how I learn, where I learn, the resources I use, and to whom I connect. Any boundaries are artificial or, at most, temporary, as they can change on a moment’s notice and I cannot control the reach I may have (I may be contacted by someone who becomes aware of me beyond any boundaries I imagined). My PLE includes, and is enhanced by, technology. I accept that a Personal Learning Network (PLN) is considered by others, but not all, as the same as a PLN. I do believe, however, that a PLE is broader than a ‘network,’ as it includes physical resources such as books that may be at my disposal, although repositories such as libraries may still be considered as part of the network.