For the next four months, I am going to be immersed in a virtual world experience. I’ve been a ‘resident’ of Second Life for 3 years, but an opportunity has presented itself to participate in a course that will ensure I develop a deep understanding of the learning and training opportunities available within Second Life and other Virtual Immersive Environments (VIEs). I expect this program to be the precursor to my doctorate studies. Committed to myself to keeping an ‘almost’ daily learning journal, I will share many of these entries within my blog. Thanks to John Jamison (Virtual Bacon in Second Life) for these courses that build from his PhD research.

There are still spots available for Virtual Learning Experience 1 commencing May 24, 2010.


  1. Karen Carleton

    Excellent! A colleague/classmate from the US published a paper on this a couple years ago – using Second Life in training etc. If I have time to find it I will send it to you. I also have his email (he’s on my Linked in – Kevin C. Taylor, who works for L3 a prestigious performance-based organization with the US Coast Guard).

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