Distance and e-learning are a passion, and the future direction is building from my Master of Distance Education (2002). I am determined to commence a PhD in the next months (part-time, distance), and it is time to look beyond my current business for funding and additional experience. So, I am offering my services!

My interest is in workplace e-learning but, of course, this opens up a wide range of possibilities relating to technology and specific topics. I do have a proposal that is further shaped as I continue to explore the field. What I am seeking is a part-time, full-time, or contract position that will allow me to develop my related skills while the compensation helps to fund the doctorate. A strong investigation background is one of my assets as I go forward with research studies. My experience includes teaching in the class and online, as well as some course development. While the website/blog pages will give a good picture, I look forward to a more indepth discussion. I am mobile and have both British and Canadian passports.

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