From one of the discussion lists to which I belong, I learned of a Spanish language program that I would like to share with you from La Casa Rojas. Luis and his wife, Joan, are offering free 10 minute online videos (or podcasts) for each day of the year, Monday to Friday, in 2010. While they have a commercial side, Rojas Spanish Language Institute, the email I read indicates that the free series is their “contribution to helping folks gets a leg up in these hard economic times.” Relevance? They wrote, “Spanish classes are expensive and not accessible to all who might want or need them right now and yet it could mean the difference between getting a job or not, keeping a job or not or getting that promotion.”

I have studied Spanish with a few courses including a 100 level university course. Even with a Spanish speaking wife, I have not mastered the language and have quickly lost a lot of the skill I had. It is time to get back into it, and this program might be what does it! It commenced in January, so I have a little catching up to do. However, it is completedly at your own pace with the videos online, until you catch up with their one per day. The videos are approximately 10 minutes in length, and I’ve just completed three this morning. Luis teaches Spanish. Joan is from the USA and learned Spanish from him. With what I have seen so far, they are having fun doing this, injecting humor and creating my engagement. I will provide an update once I have proceeded through more of the lessons.

Hasta pronto!

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