Tony Bates wrote a blog article, ““What do teachers need to know about teaching with technology?” Although referencing technology, he presents a framework for faculty education in teaching and learning, taking them beyond their subject matter expertise. Tony doesn’t assume this will ever happen. However, the framework presented is a good guide for anyone wishing to engage in some self study of the field to enhance teaching knowledge and abilities. Of course, now we are talking about informal learning. The question to ask is how we encourage those lacking in the area to participate on an informal, or formal, basis? Also, which technologies would best support such informal training and education to create and maintain engagement? There are going to be some differences between new faculty and those already in the system.

I was there as a new, term contract instructor in a traditional classroom. I recall being overwhelmed by everything else I needed to prepare, so I’m not sure that was the best time to introduce more. We did start with an instructional skills workshop that helped, and my concurrent studies in the Master of Distance Education program provided benefit as I developed as an instructor and later taught online. We did also have ongoing faculty development opportunities, including a session with Tony Bates back on April 29, 2004 (signed book on shelf beside me).

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