If you are interested in informal workplace learning, you will want to watch this 4-part video series, In conversation with Jay Cross about Learning and Performance, each about 5 minutes, between Jay Cross of Internet Time Alliance and Peter Casebow of GoodPractice. Here’s some points to listen for:

  • How do you help people work smarter?
  • Good Practice research about the frequency and effectiveness of activities of managers when they have a challenge, with informal or social learning being prominant. (82% talk to colleagues and 62% use Google.)
  • Skills needed, such as analytical, research, and critical thinking.
  • On-the-Job Training is very effective.
  • How are managers supported and what work skills are being provided?
  • Who is charge of the learning?
  • Learning is often thought of as formal without consideration for other learning.
  • You learn through reflection and need to make time for it.
  • The problem with trying to formalize informal learning.
  • Perhaps refer to ‘formal learning’ as ‘traditional learning’ and refer to ‘informal learning’ as ‘independent learning’ or ‘interdependent learning’ (as learning is social).
  • Goal is to get people working smarter.
  • How to maximize informal learning and build in formal learning as necessary.
  • Words not to use with management.

If the topic interests you, it is certainly worth the time to take in what Peter and Jay have to say.

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