This discussion started with an excellent blog post by Yogesh Agarwal on The Upside Learning Solutions Blog, How to Use Microblogging in Workplace Learning. I provided a comment that linked microblogging, reflective writing, and increased informal learning. Yogesh respectfully replied, “Microblogging doesn’t help in reflective learning as content is limited to a small number of characters. It does help get link to some great resources or blogs.”

I also received a request from a Twitter follower, @ShellTerrell (Shelly Terrell), for a guest post on the topic. She kindly published the post, Do We Learn More through Microblogging?

So far, I’ve seen follow up tweets that support microblogging for the learning that does occur, and I’ve received a couple of private messages that specifically address reflective writing. I’m going to watch with interest over the next few days for any further comments.

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