It actually started as what appeared to be a spam comment on my other blog, as the same comment was added to two different posts. However, I still took a closer look. The offer was attendance at the Summit, virtually or in person, free if a short survey is completed.

I have registered, and I’m looking forward to participating online. It looks like some intresting sessions. I know we are going to learn about various products, but that’s how you get vendor sponsorship. The main hosting seems to be on 3DXplorer, requiring no software download. I have created my avatar, so I’m ready to go. This may be similar to the Second Life experience, but without the software.

Given a little more notice, I might have attended in Santa Clara, but the vitual opportunity fits well with my interest in e-learning and learning technologies.

We have to keep in mind that what can be labled as ‘spam’ is often of relevance. I’m actually pleased I received and read the announcement! Look for more comments from me as the Summit progresses.

Virtual Edge Summit 2010

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