I am looking forward to apply to the PhD in E-learning and Learning Technologies at the University of Leicester. My research proposal needs to be finalized and I do need to actually apply. The discussions I have had so far have been quite positive, and my anticipated area of research will be workplace e-learning related. Readings and discussions over the past months have helped focus my interests.

One of my wide subject matter areas is security management. There are opportunities in this field, and many others, relating to e-learning. More specifics at some point in the future. However, I have accepted an opportunity that will involve me more in the field, having stopped teaching in a college program at the end of 2006 (one university certificate level course taught in 2008). I am joining Contemporary Security Canada for up to a four month period in Vancouver, and perhaps Whistler, British Columbia, at the end of next week. The role pertains to security screening management, and I expect to make many new industry contacts. This will mean delaying my original hope to start the PhD in April until July.

While dedicated to the training and operational needs of my position, downtime will include opportunities to continue my research related readings, reflections, and planning for the future. Expect lots of photos of Vancouver posted to my Flickr site.

If you are in the Vancouver area, please let me know, as I’d love to find time for a coffee if convenient for us. I’m available by email and mobile.

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