I came to see this video (see link below) yesterday though David Hopkin’s “eLearning Blog // Don’t Waste Your Time.” Since I was moved by it, and identified it to others on Twitter, I thought I should write a quick blog post to share it a little further and keep a record for my future reference.

My current research interest is in engaging learners through technology, and it will likely be conducted in a workplace context. However, the engagement need goes back to the school system in the early years and in higher education. This video highlights how many students are living in a digital world and how technology might engage them in learning to a greater extent, in a way that many want to learn.

Pay Attention video from YouTube

I was impressed to see a sign outside my son’s former high school at the end of August, inviting students to bring their laptops to the wifi enabled school. Of course, school or Board policies may actually limit the potential educational use, but it is a good start. This morning, I emailed the principal and a vice principal to congratulate them on this step and to provide a link to the video.