In my last post I referred to a couple of tools, ‘notesphere’ and ‘Evernote.’ In this post, I want to mention a couple of programs for the sharing or transfer of files, ‘senduit‘ and ‘Dropbox.’

Senduit is the simple and easy to use program to upload a file and share the link with someone who will download it. The maximum file size is 100mb, and the access can be set for times between 30 minutes and 1 week. Once the upload is complete, you receive the link. The only way I can see to share multiple files in one upload is to create a zip file.

Dropbox takes a little more effort to use, but it does more. Please note that the website is, not just A free account provides 2GB of online storage, and it can be accessed by installing on your computer and/or accessing from the web. You can provide a link to the files for access by others, or you may share file folders. Synchronization occurs between the folders. These folders may be on other computers that you control, or they may be sent to others. Upgrades are available providing larger storage for a price. Also, you can increase your storage by sharing a folder with someone or for new users that you invite to set up an account. By all means, go ahead and set up on your own or ask a friend who uses it to send an invite. It will provide you and that user each with an additional 250MB of storage, to a maximum of 3GB. I must admit, I have had Dropbox installed for some time, but I haven’t been using it. I needed to transfer a 30MB file this morning, and I ended up using Senduit. However, I re-familizarized myself with Dropbox after that. I expect to be using it more often now.

Similar to the last post, my disclaimer is that you ensure the file storage meets your privacy, security and, perhaps, compliance needs.

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