It can be overwhelming if you try to keep up with all of the tools that are presented to make our online experience easier. Some are unique (for now), while others seemingly duplicate others or offer something a little different. I’m going to be spending more time examining many of them, and I will comment from time to time. Today, I want to point out some of which you may or may not be aware. These have interested me.

Thanks to my Twitter friend, @ozge, this morning I became aware of ‘notesphere,’ “the free and easy way to organize your thoughts, from Forty Agency. I set up an account, requiring only an email address and new password, and was quickly logged in. It is a simple, clean layout that allows you to create your note title and body, and you can add tags for easy reference. Notes can easily be deleted. I like the simplicity for dealing with simple reference notes. Due to my business concerns with compliance and privacy, I have to raise the question about the security of the information. I would not record anything of a sensitive nature without learning more about the storage. There is no apparent reference to encryption or other protection beyond the password. Perhaps there is more, and I invite you to check that out. I did request an Info Packet PDF while writing this post, but it has not arrived in my email as of about12 minuntes later.

When I first saw information about ‘notesphere,’ I immediately thought of ‘Evernote.’ It provides notetaking in text as well as voice and photo records, from a mobile device or your desktop. There is so much more. I believe that more are familiar with ‘Evernote,’ so I will not go into any further detail. You have the link. Both are free. However, if you want the one function, ‘notesphere’ might be the answer. I will let you check them both out and decide, as I will continue playing with both.

In my next post, I will present a couple of file sharing/transfer tools that may come in handy.

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