Twitter is great for identifying relevant readings. Today, a tweet by @rayschroeder pointed to an article by By Dian Schaffhauser in The Journal: Transforming Education through Technology, titled, “Blackboard Releases Student Identification Tool Using Acxiom Technology.”

Dian’s article reveals that Blackboard has released an “enhanced verification system” for use with course assessments within their management system. This apparently works on a random basis.

Questioning who is actually doing the work is an ongoing issue within online and traditional classrooms. How often does cheating actually occur, and can it be curtailed? Blackboard’s system obviously adds another tool to help the instructor, but it will have its limitations. What are those limitations, and what else can be done? I am going to explore it further along with other approaches in use.

For those reading this who do not know me, I have a Master of Distance Education degree and I maintain my designation as a Certified Fraud Examiner. This whole area of student cheating interests me, as I have taught face-to-face and online. Currently considering the pursuit of a PhD, I intend to address some research questions as review the literature on current issues. I look forward to your comments or your following of my blog.

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